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Based on your answers, see how orthodontics can improve your confidence and whole body health.

Orthodontics just might be the solution for you!

Though your symptoms are tough, (and not feeling confident in your smile makes things even harder), we look for the root cause and decide how best to treat it. Based on your responses, TMJ/TMD and sleep apnea-related breathing problems are likely the cause of your discomfort. Luckily, we can help!

It is not only our belief, but our experience, that by improving your smile, we can improve your sleep, health, happiness, and change your entire quality of life.

Too often, patients want a quick-fix for their problems. They want to be able to take a pill to make their pains and ailments go away. In today’s changing healthcare landscape, physicians are facing overwhelming financial and insurance pressures on top of the pressure from patients who just want a quick-fix. When a patient comes in, it’s easier and quicker just to go straight to the area of their complaint. A patient claiming “my face hurts” may lead to little more than a prescription for a pain reliever.

But that’s not the way to resolve a problem. The only way to truly resolve a body that’s in a sympathetic state is to figure out and address the origin of the problem. In most health care situations, that’s not done. The treatment ends up being a symptom-chasing approach. That may provide relief for some of the patient’s symptoms, but it doesn’t make their problem go away. In fact, some of these issues may only be masked, while the problem continues to cause further breakdown. By getting to the origin of the problem and addressing it, the symptoms are relieved and the patient actually gets healthier.

At the Centre for Integrative Orthodontics, we don’t chase symptoms. We look for the cause and then address it effectively.

Again, acute pain and acute injuries are obvious, so treatment and healing is a more direct process. Chronic pain is complex. It’s usually a matter of dealing with multiple problems—some long-standing, some not—but many of which don’t necessarily stem from an obvious source. In fact, when someone is in a sympathetic state, the origin of a structural problem is the most protected site, so that’s the least likely place for the patient to have symptoms. Yet that protected site is the first place that needs to be addressed.

Chronic pain is not something that can be cured with a magic wand—or a magic pill. Even though we can create the environment for healing, and can change the structures as needed to help patients feel better, it takes participation by the patient to return to wellness. Sometimes that means “managing” the issue, like we do with our patients that have chronic medical conditions like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or surgically altered patients..

If you are suffering from chronic pain, we can help. But we need you to also take responsibility for your health. You are a key player on your wellness team. While we can improve your situation, you make the decision of just how well you want to be.

If you’re tired of chronic pain or the look and feel of your teeth, join us in the journey to return to health AND smile brighter. We can help!

Ready to take your next steps towards a brighter smile and healthier life?

Great! To learn more about how we can improve your smile and your quality of life, visit our website. There, you can find information on our treatment options, schedule an appointment, and ask us questions directly. We’re never too busy for you! We’d love to talk with you about making your (or your child’s) smile as bright as it can be!

Order a copy of our book, Breathe, Sleep, Live, Smile, for more insight into how the health of your mouth affects the health of your entire body!

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