Changing the way treatment is approached by taking the focus off of individual symptoms.


Speaking Engagements

“It is a shift in the usual medical mind set, providing HEALTH care, not care for disease symptoms.”

Husband and wife team, Drs. Lynn and Ed Lipskis have seen the difference their treatments make in their patients’ lives, as well as in their own lives. Dr. Lynn was a chronic pain sufferer when she set out on a mission over 37 years ago to find a long-term solution.

She and her husband now share what they’ve learned with audiences around the globe, lecturing to patients and medical professionals. Their goal is to change the way treatment is approached by taking the focus off of individual symptoms and digging deeper to find the true source of a patient’s condition.

Presentation Topics

Dr. Lynn Lipskis

  • Uses of “cold” laser therapy in diagnosis and treatment.
  • The connection between ADHD and obstructive sleep apnea in children.
  • The chronic pain conundrum.
  • Symptoms and treatment of sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea.

Dr. Ed Lipskis

  • Why braces relapse.
  • Breathe healthy to be healthy.
  • Airway driven orthodontics.
  • Orthodontics for chronic pain individuals.

Drs. Lipskis also offer an interactive in-office course for doctors on Airway Focused Orthodontics and Integrative Phase II Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ Disorder. This annual course incorporates lectures along with hands-on exercises with patients to show physicians the real-world effects of these innovative techniques.

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