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Could Orthodontics improve Your Confidence and whole body health?

You’re likely here because you’re considering braces to make your smile shine a little brighter but the benefits of orthodontics go far beyond looks. In fact, straightening your teeth can actually add years to your life!

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Do you experience headaches more often than you should?

There are many twists and turns on the road to life-long health. What you might think of as an annoying, but recurring, headache could actually be a sign on your map, indicating what’s coming on the road ahead.

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Drs. Lynn and Ed Lipski

Drs. Ed and Lynn Lipskis

TMJ, sleep breathing disorders, and chronic pain specialists

Over 35 years ago, they embarked on a journey to find long-term solutions to these conditions. Now, they are passionate about using what they’ve learned to help patients find lasting relief. They also educate physicians from around the world on the latest interdisciplinary treatments to better address the root causes of their patients’ chronic pain.

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Drs. Lynn and Ed Lipskis want to help change the lives of patients around the world by educating dentists and orthodontists about what they’ve found in their journey to end chronic pain for both themselves and their patients. They aim to start a new conversation in the medical community, shifting the focus from treatment of symptoms to finding the source of the condition.

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Breathe, Sleep, Live, Smile - Book Cover

Breathe, Sleep, Live, Smile

Integrative Treatments For TMJ/TMD, Sleep Apnea, and Orthodontics

This is a guide to navigating your treatment options for chronic pain related to the face, jaw, and airways. In this book, Drs. Lynn and Ed Lipskis share their knowledge of the symptoms, diagnosis, and available integrative treatment options for TMJ disorders, sleep related breathing disorders, and other orthodontic conditions. Drs. Lipskis are passionate about changing patients’ lives by helping them achieve more restful sleep, find the relief they’ve been looking for, and start smiling again.

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